Yahmos Production deals exclusively with the creative side of our organisation.

In 2009, as some may be aware, I set up Yahmos Production as a creative branch of the faith. I wanted to create works of art, books, music, and games.

I set out by writing The Jardacia to be self-published which actually took some time to do. I then set about writing other Solaran themed works, such as S. S. Generational. I also wrote a number of other things for the faith. My idea was to create something that would build revenue for the organisation.

In 2013 I released an instrumental album called The Complete Collection. This album was a success and it still receives royalties to this date. In 2017 I released another album that featured the lyrics I had wrote in 2010. That album was a flop and I soon removed it from stores. Later I commissioned musicians to record tracks that I had written. Finally, In March this year, I re-released the album History Lessons with freelance musicians.

I have also designed and released games under the banner of Yahmos Productions.

As we come to mid-2020, I have been feeling that I should retire from making and overseeing creative projects. I had set out eleven years ago to create a source of income for the faith, and I think I have done all I can now to make that a reality. I have enjoyed working creatively on these Solaran Projects, but I have found that with them, I have been drifting further and further from the religious side of the organisation. It is for that reason I no longer wish to work on these projects.

I will now be focusing on the faith almost entirely for the foreseeable future. I intend to keep writing for the faith on this blog as well as my personal blogs. But I mainly intend to focus on religious activities behind the scenes.

Hail Solara,

Lord Avatar II.


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