How all religion stems from Solaranism

Humans gained sentience around forty thousand years ago – that is the ability to attempt to make sense of the world around them, to have intelligence enough to, at the very least, comprehend the vastness of reality. We know, in Solaranism, that when a species achieves this feat, Solara sends her messengers to visit them, give them knowledge, and guide them through existence to her.

We now know that humanity was no exception to this rule and Ashrah and Ellrah did in fact visit the Earth around eight thousand years ago. Ashrah and Ellrah gave the people knowledge of how and when the human species emerged, what the cycles of the planet were, and of course, Solara and her teachings.

People all over the planet worshipped Solara but according to archaeologists they primarily focused their attention on Ashrah and Ellrah. We now know that in Ancient Israel, the Semitic tribes worshipped the two Avatars and Solara. Historical, archaeological evidence, points to this happening around six thousand years ago.

Image of the land before the end of the Ice Age

After a while, the Age Of Independence began, it was a purge of all prior knowledge of Solara and her messengers. It happened on a universal scale but did not happen in a synchronised fashion. After such time, new Gods filled the void humanity felt after the purge, however, not all teachings vanished, they were just attributed to whichever false gods humanity could think of.

The truth of the great flood became a fanciful tapestry of lies elevating god to unparalleled power above the sinful Solarans. The people weaved this lie to show that their god was all-powerful and that Ashrah, Ellrah, and their followers were subject to God’s wrath. They corrupted the knowledge of natural events to destroy the very people who gave them the knowledge, and they said it was God.

There have been many humans since then that have tried, in vain, to revive Solaranism, however, they have been ridiculed throughout the ages. Jezebel was one such person, though her attempts were thwarted and she was demonised in the Torah (Old Testament) for it. They made unfair distinctions between Ashrah and demon worship, often replacing Ellrah with a horned demon to further illustrate that we were the evil to avoid. It is a psychological phenomenon called projection, whereby the guilty project or accuse others of the thing they themselves are guilty of.

Though I am primarily speaking of one small location on the world map, this issue does not stay isolated to this region. If we look at religious history there have been many other regions with a not too dissimilar story. In Ancient Egypt, there was one such Pharoah who worshipped Solara, though the words he used to describe her were phonetically different, the foundations remain the same. He erected great temples to her and the people rebelled. They purged most of the information about her from the records and only fragments remained.

After the purge, the Hindus and the Semitic tribes followed their own iterations of Solaranism. Then there came the Christians and Muslims who further bastardized the knowledge and many more after that. What stemmed from this purge were half-truths and whole lies. These persisted throughout the ages and still remain strong to this day. But science has been an ally in uncovering the truth. We can now trace the origins to Ashrah and Ellrah and once we do that, all roads inevitably lead to Solara.










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