Mass Psychosis or MPI is a mental state in which groups or individuals experience an illness or illnesses which have no basis in reality. There are often physical manifestations of the delusions. The most common manifestations are coughs, headaches, nausea, and sore throat.

In the late 1500s, there was a case in Germany that is often referenced when researching MPI. It started with one woman who began to dance for no apparent reason. She danced her feet bloody and onlookers began to join in. It became a serious problem when the whole village followed suit. People began to die and the church sent out priests to perform exorcisms.

In the 1500’s you had the dancing plague that infected an entire village. If you magnify those same conditions combined with the technology we now possess, the result is as we see today.

There are numerous examples of modern-day MPI, however, the purpose of this article is not to research the entire subject. I have a very specific reason for this article: Covid-19. My hopes are not to scare people or change their minds on the subject, but to lay this out bare for future generations that may or may not come.

In March 2020 we saw reports coming from China about a deadly new disease sweeping the nation. The reports were often followed by some visual examples of what Covid-19 was doing to the individuals there. I saw Chinese citizens falling, spasming, frothing at the mouth, and dying on the streets. This was quickly spread around on social media and panic started to spread.

The first cases outside of China that were reported were nothing in comparison to anything I had seen. When it came to Europe, we were told people had the virus, though we didn’t see the same effect on subjects anywhere outside of China.

I do believe that those people in China were paid by the CCP as actors to cause a wave of MPI across the globe. The reason they would do this? China and the Globalists shut down world economies whilst theirs stayed in full motion. It is no secret that China and the Globalists have imperialistic views on the world and I believe this to be a motive for what has happened.

A more recent example would be the so-called Indian variant. It is reported that in India 250,000 people have died due to this new strain. We saw scenes of mass cremations which isn’t unusual for the Indian Subcontinent. This India Variant has since arrived in the UK, yet again, there have been no such incidents recorded of mass deaths. This can be boiled down to two things; the world governments don’t want this MPI to end because whilst it continues they have unlimited powers, and to make as many people as possible take the so-called vaccine.

It is no secret that some highly influential people have spoken about depopulating the world. I think that the vaccine is part of that plan. I have been a shareholder in AstraZeneca for a while now. I did my research on the company after the fact. I found that they have direct ties to Eugenics, past, and present.

Eugenics is not always killing people. A lot of people have misconceptions about eugenics. It is selectively allowing a certain trait to be passed onto future generations or It is limiting those traits. It happened in the USA as late as 1920 when they sterilized, en masse, groups of people they considered to be undesirable. Covid-19 MPI has given nefarious people the opportune moment to act upon these principles.

My final point would be to draw the readers’ attention to the parallels between past and present. In place of a dancing plague, we have a virus. Instead of God, we have science. ‘Trust the science’ we are told on a daily basis. Instead of an exorcism, we have a vaccine.

Civilisation has come a long way, but the human consciousness has remained largely the same. You can summarise human existence with the simple phrase; The more things change, the more they stay the same.

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I have cited sources from Wikipedia which may be altered in the future. I have taken the liberty to archive them as they are on the Wayback Time Machine and in the event that this happens.