HIVE Community

Moving our Community to HIVE

We have made the decision to remove ourselves from the increasingly draconian and deceitful social medias like Facebook and Twitter and instead will be operating solely from our own website. However, due to the lack of security and funds, we have had to abandon our own social media on this website – faithbook.

We will be operating on this website purely to educate people on religious matters only.

Since people need a way to communicate ideas we have made HIVE our new home. It is a free speech, decentralised network of web3 sites, where you can earn cryptocurrency and discuss things freely. We suggest people begin to move away from “traditional” social media websites and adopt decentralisation.

Our Community

Our community on HIVE is a replacement to all the other places you could find us. We are phasing out the use of everything over the next few years. The more engagement the community recieves the more HIVE rewards we will earn. This will help you at the same time it helps us. Our link changes with each frontend you choose, however the link we share is always to PeakD. Consider making the move to the HIVE Community Solaran Faith.