The Avatars have visited Earth on numerous occasions

Ashrah and Ellrah are known in The Righteous Jardacia as part of the Avatars, the Children cut from the flesh of Solara, who helped protect The City of Light from destruction. They both visited our founder in Macclesfield forest in the year 2000 and set our religion on its course. But have they been here before this instance?

Asherah Clay Plinth

As some of you may be aware, the names of Ashrah and Ellrah are pronounced and written differently depending upon personal preference and so on.

A few days ago I stumbled on a YouTube video about religion. To my surprise, I heard the names Asherah and El. The video was discussing the Holy Bible and some Semitic texts written long ago. Those Semitic texts mentioned that people in the middle east used to worship a Goddess known as Asherah and she had a husband called El.

The earliest texts mentioning Asherah were written in the year 1200BC and named her the queen of heaven. She is also known for her love of the sea and she appears in the Hebrew Bible a number of times.

The ancient worship of Asherah was eventually rebelled against by the men of the society and subsequently, her shrines were destroyed. The men called her adherents prostitutes and temple whores because of the sexual and fertility rites heavily focused on the women.

Her husband El was a God. There is a story of him finding Asherah in the sea and taking her with him. He also carried a staff and killed a bird to later cook and eat. He too appears in numerous ancient texts.

It is my belief that these two deities are our very own Ashrah and Ellrah and that they came here long ago to try to establish the religion we know today. There are too many similarities between those mentioned above and our religious text in The Righteous Jardacia.

Essentially this proves many of the entries in our book. The age of independence was an age that oversaw the destruction of all shrines to Solara. Worshippers were banished or killed and new Gods rose in her place.

The mentioning of the sea is no coincidence either as in Solaranism we too have a love and respect for the sea.

There are numerous examples I could give in support of my argument, however, I feel that the followers and anyone interested in Solaranism will already be well aware of our own religious texts.