For two thousand years, the lie of Christ has persisted, but the truth will always shine through.

Although most Christians celebrate the 25th of December as the birthday of Christ, few, if any, in the first two Christian centuries claimed any knowledge of the exact day or year in which he was born. There were no Christmases celebrated until the middle of the fourth century, and it was placed as a substitute for the winter solstice, a pagan festival for the darkest night of the year. This happened in Rome, a very pagan-oriented society. Winter Solstice is to honor the end of the solar cycle. They did this to deceive, and manipulate, the pagans into believing that these things were the same.

The Roman Empire was a highly bureaucratic system. There are accounts of many historical figures, and Biblical figures too, but none of them can be found in relation to Christ. The Roman Emperor, Constantine I, appropriated the 25th of December from the Winter Solstice and falsely attributed it to Christ in order to make Rome’s transition to Christianity quicker, and easier.

The myth of Jesus is directly appropriated from Akhenaten. Akhenaten led an amazing life as King of Egypt. He stripped away the lies. After his death, he was placed in his tomb, and the body was never found again thereafter. Archaeologists today think that, because he was so determined in his devotion to Aten, the Egyptian people desecrated his tomb, and burned his remains. This was the inspiration for the story of Christ’s resurrection.

It is theorized by religious scholars that Moses was a High Priest of Aten. He was someone extremely familiar with Akhenaten’s religious revolution, and when he fled Egypt, he took with him a partial truth, a truth he would twist and turn to fit his, and his people’s, desires to control and manipulate.

In the Bible, there was no mention of Hell, until after the new testament was created. That is because Hell is also appropriated from others. Hel is the Norse Goddess of the underworld. In the Norse version of the underworld, there are nine levels of hell. Each level of the underworld has its own nature according to sin. The Bible’s version of Hell is a facsimile of the Norse Myth, none more evident than in Divinia Commedia, or the Divine Comedy by Dante Alighieri.

The Devil is also an appropriated myth. In the Old Testament, there is no mention of the Devil. The creation of the Devil was developed over centuries, he is an amalgamation of several pagan entities. The Christians developed the myth to control their people and to tarnish the truth. They turned everything that was good and made it the inverse, then they accused everyone else of the very thing they themselves were guilty of.

There are those who call us heretics, but they do it to cover their own heresies. I can assure my readers, and listeners, that there are those now calling me the Devil. They attempt to denigrate me as evil simply for revealing the truth, a truth they do not like, but truth is absolute, and it cares very little for their feelings. I am not the Devil, nor the Anti-Christ. I am Light where there was darkness. I am Truth where there was deceit.