Not all religious extremism is dangerous, contrary to popular belief.

After the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) contacted me about the faith, I have had enough time to wonder what extremism in our faith would look like. We are all familiar with certain aspects of religious extremism, but we forget that there are religions like Buddhism and Jainism, whereby, the more extreme you get, the fewer things die or suffer. I have had the benefit of time to think about this topic in depth. Here are some of my thoughts.

An extremist Solaran would detest any form of deceit. Acting in films and plays, would, I think, fall under this category. Like in Puritan England, the Protestants removed all Roman Catholic imagery in Churches, we could see someone attempt to remove all forms of perceived deceit.

Our faith uses natural law as a guide for life. Solara created the Universe with her own designs, so we obey the truths of nature (which is a synonym for Solara). As same-sex relationships are observable in the natural realm, and indeed, evolutionary beneficial in some cases, I don’t foresee any Solaran being against it. I will say, however, we could see a strong dislike for anything that goes against natural observations. A strong dislike of the concept of marriage, not necessarily monogamy, but the institution humanity invented, would be inevitable.

The Human narcissistic tendency to elevate one’s own species above all else, and at the expense of everything else, including natural observations, could harbour some resentment towards those who think that way. We do not believe other lifeforms are here simply to serve our needs. We believe we should live in symbiosis with nature wherever possible. In Jainism, they¬†teach that the path to enlightenment is through nonviolence and reducing harm to living things (including plants and animals) as much as possible, so in this sense, we could see something similar emerge.

There are a number of issues that we have in our faith with democracy, not only do we see it as a way to perpetuate deceitful behaviour, but it also goes against what we know of Solara’s design. It has often been referred to as the rotation of tyranny, and the tyranny of the majority. An extremist would have a strong hatred of democracy, democratic processes, and the politicians who use them.

In terms of policing, I have written about the issues I have, and without their interference, this article would not exist. I have long seen that modern policing has become a nanny to all the problems anyone may face. They are actively encouraging an overdependence on their help, and in a lot of cases, they are involved in trivial matters. The institution values, and rewards, weakness, and victimhood, which further takes us away from the natural world. We have also witnessed selective, and weaponised, use of the law. They are proactive liars and deceivers. It is inevitable, and dare I say, already in motion, that large groups of people will grow to hate them. This is not uniquely Solaran.

In essence, Solarans would primarily follow the Righteous Jardacia, but also supplement it with natural, observable, understandings. We could develop a strong disdain for civilization as a whole as it has almost completely stifled human evolution, and it promotes weakness. In nature, only the strongest live to reproduce, and civilization has rendered this inapplicable to us which further weakens the species. For over 2000 years, human consciousness, for the majority, hasn’t moved forward or had to, and we still repeat the same cycles of events. Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

So, in conclusion, not all religious extremism is the same, and what is good to someone could just as easily be evil to another.