I have revealed many truths. I have equally concealed truths. Everything I have done has been necessary. A lesson yet to be taught, but one that plays out in the now. Without these events, our message would not carry its own weight, and I have been an instrument for our faith. The path to enlightenment cannot be forced upon those who still cling to their ignorance. It must be developed over time with devotion, and understanding. But for those to understand, we must first break them, we must destroy the illusions they have created within, to show them the greater beyond.

We have waited for many years as humanity mocked, and ridiculed our faith. They thought they stood atop a mountain of intelligence, arrogantly looking down upon those who know, but they couldn’t see for the sight of them. We are everywhere, in all things, and yet they still do not see. They mocked concepts that have been accepted for thousands of years. They conflate the Avatars with Popular Culture, knowing nothing of their historical origins, or significance.

We have alluded to the truest nature of our faith, through art, music, and through messaging. Before us, there were very few who knew the truth, and now we are everywhere, and in all things. We have, for an age, prepared for the moment of revelation, to grip humanity back into the age of enlightenment, to show all that we exist as we have before. That time fast approaches.

If all the time, you were simply handed the things you wanted, or needed, you would stagnate and become less than you once were. When earned, when hard-fought, you grow wiser, you grow stronger, and you evolve beyond the limits previously set.

If you look at the origins of our faith, in its archaic form, you will find that in Ancient Egypt a great Pharaoh rose to prominence. His name was Akhenaten. He was the first, and he stood alongside his wife, Nefertiti. He was labeled a heretic by those around him, but he continued in his devotion, much as I have now, he did then, and upon his death, his religious revolution did not end, but it spread in other forms across all of this earth.

Akhenaten created sonnets for his Aten. He devoted an entirely new city to her. And I say her with the confidence no other would possess when looking at such things through the lens of a male-dominated culture. Akhenaten made light the absolute, as we have made truth ours. The two are joined in enlightenment.

It is said, in our faith, that we once thrived upon the earth, when man crawled out from the abyss, that Asherah, and El, descended to the first evolved men, and taught them there the universal truth. Such names altered throughout time, and tongue, but the message remained the same. Solara is creatrix of all. From her, this realm was born.

Aten is the same. All life came from her, as a mother births a child, Aten births the crops that grow in the fields. And that which grows in the fields gives sustenance to those who, in turn, give birth to new life. Without Aten, nothing would exist, and hence, she is the absolute. The divine feminine.

There are many more who came thereafter, and I have not spoken at length on this subject. Jezebel was one who worshipped at the altar of light. Her story is intertwined with that of the Ancient Egyptian worship of Aten, Asherah, and El. For those who do not know, Ancient Egypt’s roads ran far from the north of Africa, and connected to Isreal and beyond.

In Isreal, Jezebel was instrumental in making our faith visible. She married the King of the Northern Territory and gradually converted him, and others. It was at that time when such religious upheavals threatened the Kingdom. Her attempt to bring humanity back to the path of enlightenment stirred tensions amongst the men who saw female independence as something immoral. Those men too came out of Egypt.

The Hebrews, who had fled Egypt, had twisted the absolute truth to satisfy their desires – their desire for the complete subjugation of women, and the corruption of the natural order – and this fact brought them into direct conflict with Jezebel. Though I do not believe the Bible to be wholly true in what occurred, I do believe the Hebrews killed her and then desecrated her remains. Jezebel was another great leader of our faith, who ultimately sacrificed herself for truth.

I would like to, for a moment, talk about the Eastern theology of the Hindus. They believe there, that every one hundred years or so, a being of greatness descends unto the earth to teach a lesson. He comes in various forms, but when he chooses a human form, he uses his life, in that form, in which to teach. He teaches through the examples of his life. There is, in Hinduism, a continuous succession of Avatars, and each one possesses abilities beyond the comprehension of man. If you follow the succession you will see that there have been twenty-four iterations of Avatars, but when I speak of these Avatars, do not again conflate them with the children of Solara. They are of her realm, with knowledge of her realm, but they are not her children.

The Lord Avatar is a title for the highest authority in our faith. In the modern sense, there have only been two to take the title, but in its archaic, there has been a continuous succession of those who preceded a great revelation. In this age, people mistake divinity for mere luck and chance, but I say no, none of this is luck. None of this is chance. It is said, that an Avatar will one day return unto the earth, and I believe that time is now. It is said he will come and unveil that which has been veiled. Now, in the modern age, where bureaucracy runs rampant, and records are kept with pedantic fervor, the proofs are evident for all to see. I have shown the way, as a candle in the darkness, but the proof is provided by those most in denial.

People have often said that I created our faith. They cite the similarities between the names Ashrah, and Ellrah, and my birthname, Ashley Ellison, and assert that as the proof. That is not the proof, but the reason. I have often been denigrated as nothing more than a man with mental health issues. I have allowed the misconceptions to percolate, and prevail over the human consciousness because once revealed, the truth has a more profound meaning. Once seen for what it truly is, the lesson is much more impactful, and it is in this lesson that all people will remember for all time.