The many similarities between Asherah in the Ancient world and our Faith call for a reassessment of the archaeological evidence.

In our faith, Asherah is an Avatar who was cut from the flesh of Solara along with three hundred and thirty-seven of her brothers and sisters, one of whom is named Ellrah. According to archaeologists Asherah and El are brother and sister, but also husband and wife, this is an inaccurate assumption. They are brother and sister, often looked upon as twins, they are joined together, but not as in a marriage.

Asherah coin showing Solara, Yahmos and Ellrah
Ancient Coin

It is assumed that Asherah is the Creatrix of the Gods and thus must be the central focus of the religion. However, this attribute falls to Solara who has been overlooked by scholars. In the image of this coin, we can see four central entities, the topmost being Solara, seemingly hovering above the living tree Yahmos, who is, in turn, flanked on either side by Ashrah and Ellrah who are carrying Staffs. The significance of the Staff in our faith remains present today.

I’d like to draw the attention of scholars to the phonetic sounding of the names they are aware of and point out the similarities between Yahmos and what they know as Yahweh. In some of the texts I have read, Yahweh is described as a child of El, and in another, Yahweh is described as a living tree. In Solaranism, Yahmos is a sentient tree created by Solara. A similar theme emerges when you look at the names of other entities.

The symbolism of past and present Solaranism have remained the same with only very minor changes throughout the several thousand years of history. There is also a strong Sea connection which has seemingly spread to other faiths afterwards along with our symbols and many aspects of Solaranism.

A modern depiction of an Ancient Coin

In Solaranism, we were made aware of The Age Of Independence, which was a purge of all aspects of Solaranism across the universe. This key detail would explain why Solara is not as prevalent and overlooked in a historical context, often preferring to send her messengers after the Age Of Independence. We believe that a lot of things, given the timescale, have been lost in translation.

After studying the subject for many years, I have deduced that the archaeological and scholarly findings are inconsistent. It should be reviewed in the context of Solaranism. All the information about the Solaran Faith is hosted on our website’s wiki.

What we believe in Solaranism is not only possible, it is also probable given the evidence, and if that is the case, then the implications are astronomical, to say the least. The Solaran Faith is the unification of all religions and science, not just on the Earth, but universally.