The Christian Church is reliant upon the complete fallacy of being successful. This is an autopsy of a dead faith.

There are an estimated 2.3 Billion people in the world proclaiming to be some form of Christian. The data from which we determine this number is solely derived from nation-states census findings. The census, for those unaware, is a once-a-decade, self-assessment, questionnaire, that details race, religion, wealth, and so on.

In the United Kingdom, there are 33.2 Million people who identify as Christian, which is around sixty per cent of the population. As this is a self-assessment, these numbers are accurate to the degree that those people believe themselves to be Christian, but when taking into consideration the attendance at any given Church and the sheer lack of knowledge in their faith, you can cut this number to around 100,000.

We have had many encounters with self-proclaimed Christians, who, outside of what has become popular knowledge, know absolutely nothing about the faith they claim to follow. They have never attended Church, except in the case of a funeral. They have never read the Bible, and on many occasions, they have stated no desire to do so. In the United Kingdom, and indeed the world, being Christian has become as arbitrary as a person’s favourite sports team.

Over the last couple of decades, the church has been in a steep decline, both morally and financially. This appeared to happen at the time of Pope John Paul II’s death. Pope John Paul was responsible for ridding the church of Marxist ideals which, after his death, have seeped back into sight. This is largely the same with other delegations of Christ’s church, though Marxism isn’t the only ideology that has a stranglehold on the Vatican and beyond.

The financial issues of the church arise from low memberships and attendance. There are few who pay tithe to their faith these days, and fewer still who know what the word means.

The last several years have been quite revealing to us. We watched as Pope Francis got on his hands and knees to kiss the feet of Muslim leaders. We watched as he kissed and washed the feet of Muslim refugees. He has revealed the weakness of Christendom to all the world. It would not surprise us if he was forced to display this weakness as some kind of quid pro quo.

At a time when Christians abandon their people, and churches are burnt to the ground, you must make a choice, burn with it, or rise with us.